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Prompt Starters

  • from all the information from the attached doc what would be a proper solution to develop and the development processes required?

  • Create a cost Structure for the document, which instantiates work, functionality and processes done with costs, be as descriptive and detailed as possible, use table if needed

  • Develop me a detailed proposal from document attached with Summary, Objectives, Overview, Cost Structure, Project Timeline, & Conclusion

  • can you review the following code snippet and provide suggestions for potential issues, possible optimizations, and coding standards? Here’s the code: {code}

  • ould you provide insights on the pros and cons of integrating {emerging technology} into a tech stack that currently includes {existing technologies}?

  • Based on historical data of similar projects, how much time and resources might be required to complete a project with the following specifications: {project details}?

  • I have a bug report here: {bug report details}. Can you help categorize it based on severity and priority, and suggest possible fixes based on similar past issues?

  • What are some common tasks in DevOps that could be automated? How would the automation process for a task like {specific DevOps task} look like?

  • Create a me a job description for: {Devloper Role} ensure to have Summary, qualifications, responsibilites, Benefits, types of projects, {company website(s)}

  • What are the key steps to ensure our application is compliant with {specific data privacy regulations}? Are there any potential issues with the following application setup: {application setup details}?

  • Based on the following user behavior and application performance data {data}, can you predict future trends or potential bottlenecks?

  • How could I evaluate the performance of a {specific AI model}? What signs should I look for to determine if the model may need retraining?