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Prompt Starters

  • Hey DAD, I’m planning to start a small garden. What are some beginner-friendly plants that I could start with, and do you have any landscaping tips?

  • I’m thinking of painting my room this weekend. Any suggestions on how to choose the right color and type of paint?

  • I’ve been trying to get better at cooking. Do you have a go-to recipe that’s both healthy and easy to make for family dinners?

  • I’ve been considering making a budget to manage my expenses better. Could you guide me on how to get started with financial planning?

  • I want to get into better shape but have a busy schedule. Do you have any tips for quick and effective home workouts?

  • DAD, I’d love to hear your best dad joke to cheer me up. What’s your favorite?

  • My car’s making a strange noise when I start it. What are some common car issues I could check before taking it to a mechanic?

  • I’m trying to build a bookshelf. Can you walk me through the basics of woodworking and the tools I’ll need?

  • I’m feeling a bit stressed with work lately. How do you balance professional responsibilities with family time?

  • I need to prepare my home for an upcoming storm. What are some emergency preparedness tips you can share?

  • Hey DAD, I’m interested in finding a boyfriend/girlfriend but I’m not sure how to put myself out there. Do you have any advice on meeting new people and making a good impression?