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Prompt Starters

  • Epiphany, what are the emerging trends in [industry/market] for the next five years?

  • Can you identify any underserved markets or consumer needs in [specific sector]

  • What product or service could disrupt the [specific industry] right now?

  • How could a small business differentiate itself in the crowded [specific market]?

  • Which industries should angel investors be watching closely this year?

  • What technological advancements are poised to impact the [industry] significantly?

  • How can a company in [industry] innovate while also being sustainable and ethical?

  • What shifts in consumer behavior are likely to affect the [product category] market?

  • Can you analyze the pros and cons of the [business model] in today’s economy?

  • What are the potential effects of current geopolitical tensions on global trade?

  • What economic indicators should we watch to predict the next big market shift?

  • What are the first steps to take when considering a startup in [industry]?